Pulpdent Pulpdent Root Canal sealer
ROOT Canal Sealer
  Meets ANSI/ADA specification 57 for endodontic filling material.
  Powder contains zinc oxide, zinc stearate, calcium phosphate, barium sulfate. Liquid eugenol and Canada balsam
  Tissue compatible
    For all permanent filling techniques
    Pressure syringe technique
    In conjunction with solid core
    Pastes Filler/Lentulo
    Lateral condensation
    Indicated for primary and permanent teeth
    A thick mix eliminates free eugenol and assures patients comfort
    Can be drilled for a post

Can be removed with mechanical and hand instrumentation, if necessary

    Important features
    Does not shrink upon setting
    Resorbs with roots of deciduous teeth
    Flows through a 30 gauge needle
    Tissue compatible
    Slight overfills often resorb over time


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